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Supremely musical world famous turntables and tonearms!  Nottingham Analogue is a well respected British manufacturer of high quality, specialty audio products. For over 35 years Nottingham engineers have been producing innovative designs which excel at allowing the music to come through in its purest form. Their turntables are known for precision, purity, ultra quiet noise floor, supreme musicality, quality build and remarkable value.  






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A passion for the finest - Hand Crafted in Italy

For decades, Siltech has been producing preeminent audio cables, products whose qualities have been recognized around the World, year after year. That consistent excellence rests on our reliance on proper engineering practice, objective measurement and research, the understanding that additive effects are just as damaging as subtractive ones. To accurately reproduce music, its full scale and power, its delicacy and nuance, the cables in a system must preserve and protect every tiny shift in the signal, even the smallest change in level or content, at both ends of the dynamic range: to achieve that they must combine the best possible conductivity and termination with proper protection from mechanical or electromagnetic interference - and they must maintain that performance over time. Interference and long-term degradation effects so small that they challenge the threshold of conventional measurement can still be ruinously destructive to fragile musical signals. You can only deliver the best performance if you balance conductor type and size, insulation materials, cable topology and terminations against price and function. To make the best cables, the ones that do the least damage, takes years of experience and accumulated knowledge, the development of new techniques and proprietary technology, and a willingness still to learn.

Bringing you the finest from the Netherlands

The new machine combines dual-sided vacuum cleaning with a sup-supersonic vibrational component that produces a vibrational element to the velvet pads. The frequency is below ultrasonic, but Clearaudio claims the vibrational action does a very effective job of loosening embedded groove dirt that the vacuum element sucks away leaving groove cleanliness equal to if to better than the ultrasonic machines.

That claim can only be tested in a review but a few things are clear from the demonstration: the machine is extremely well-made, quiet and seems to do the job as claimed based on the record I had cleaned on it. Also, it is extremely quiet and has a host of useful features. Also it is completely automatic: place a record on the platter, clamp and at the push of a button, it goes through the complete cleaning cycle simultaneously on both sides. MSRP $5500

Double Matrix Sonic Record Cleaning Machine​

Owner’s of Verity Audio loudspeakers are discriminating listeners who search for transparent musicality in a refined and organic design that is both pure and beyond fashion. Verity’s combination of beauty and performance has proven irresistible to an entire generation of audio connoisseurs. 

Verity Audio has been designing and building some of the world’s finest crafted and most musically involving loudspeakers for nearly 20 years. Located in Quebec, Canada, co-founders Julien Pelchat and Bruno Bouchand have incorporated their love of music in the pursuit of ultimate loudspeaker perfection and simplicity. “Simplicity” has meant being critical of the objectives, design, construction, and performance factors that really matter while understanding how to best balance every element of the production process and finished design. In fact, achieving simplicity is inherently complex but that achievement ultimately offers rewarding results. Offering pure and genuine quality in this manner has always been fundamental to Verity.

​All Verity Audio loudspeakers share a common trait, which is exceptional “Synergy”. It means that the overall interaction and union of every component produces a combined effect superior than the sum of their separate effects. Using only the best quality components isn’t enough to achieve the level of refinement and performance you will get with a Verity Audio loudspeaker. Our quality standards are pegged to such a high standard that almost every component that we integrate in our loudspeakers is custom-designed and proprietary to Verity Audio. It would be impossible for us to attain our goals using off-the-shelf components.

Presenting AMG's newest turntable "The GYRO"

Announcing the updated Andros 1.2 Phonostage


Ortofon is proud to launch the MC A95, a world class moving coil cartridge to commemorate the 95th anniversary of Ortofon’s technical leadership in the audio industry.

The new Ortofon MC A95 has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the dynamic capability of the cartridge. Our extensive knowledge of vibration properties, characteristics in different shapes and materials, competences in magnetism, mechanical design and new technologies has been applied for optimization of the MC A95.

The MC A95 is produced in limited series of only 500 individually numbered units. MSRP $6500

Introducing the new Ortofon MC A95 cartridge


A/V Solutions is a family owned retail audio company located in Pleasanton, California about 45 miles east of San Francisco. With over 30 years of experience in high performance audio development, electrical wiring expertise and audio retail, A/V Solutions was established for the purpose of providing high end audio products that meet important sonic performance standards, build quality and fall within a real world price point.

You will discover we take an active roll in becoming familiar with our client's system through a continuous effort to maximize performance and will continue to work with you until your expectations have been met. If we have somehow played a roll bringing you closer to your music, we have succeeded.

Thank you for considering A/V Solutions

A/V Solutions

Welcome to A/V Solutions,
With over 45 years of practice, we're dedicated to making sure that you are able get exactly what they need and deserve. 

Over more than 40 years’ experience in audio, Charisma collected some solid ideas to inspire the design and manufacture of accessories using premium materials. They not only look attractive but also have striking performance. 

Introducing the  "SugarCube"
















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Featuring the latest from Nottingham Analogue Studios

Musical Surroundings and SweetVinyl have teamed up to introduce a groundbreaking new approach to playing and “ripping” vinyl LP records. A first of its kind device, the SugarCube incorporates the acclaimed SuperNova phono stage designed by Musical Surroundings’ Mike Yee, in concert with the proprietary SweetVinyl digital recording system, which includes an internal analog-to-digital and digital- to-analog converter and features automatic metadata identification and noise reduction.


Featuring KUZMA Turntables and Tonearms

       Detailed Specs:

  • Monaural
  • Auto bias
  • No negative feedback
  • Frequency response 20Hz to 50Khz ~ 2db
  • Total Harmonic Distortion ~ 0.43% at 1W output into 8 Ohms
  • Gain of 26dB
  • Noise level > 5 mV RMS into 8 Ohms with input shorted
  • 1% metal film resisters throughout
  • Polypropylene capacitors throughout the audio path


  • Pure Class A
  • 150 Watts per amp
  • 4 and 8 Ohm output taps
  • 8 and 5 Amp Slow blow fuses for outputs
  • Three 5 way binding post
  • One SpeakOn connector
  • Non inverting output phase polarity
  • Push-Pull and Ultra-Linear design

Introducing the EROS 300 Class A Mono Blocks

Strumento No.1 Preamplifier

Strumento No.4 Stereo Amplifier

          ( Also available in mono blocks )

Bringing you the New Quintet Cartridges

Each of the five Quintet cartridges has its own individual sonic expression, and all five models together represent the ensemble of five classic variations:

MC Quintet Mono is a true mono cartridge for playing mono microgroove vinyl records MSRP $524

MC Quintet Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth MSRP $314

MC Quintet Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details MSRP $524

MC Quintet Bronze adds even more details and resolution but in a very evenhanded way that pays respect to all elements MSRP $839

MC Quintet Black is the best of everything, true to the groove with resolution and accurate insight into each recording MSRP $999

The new AMG Giro turntable features the AMG 9W2 9” tonearm and brings AMG’s sonic and visual excellence to a new, more affordable price point. The belt-driven platter is a combination of synthetic and aluminum materials and uses the decoupled spindle design of the highly-acclaimed AMG Viella turntable. Similarly, the platter bearing is a scaled version of the Viella platter bearing. The Giro’s “double circle” plinth is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and features both 33 and 45 RPM via electronic control. MSRP $9900

The Teatro’s phono cartridge uses a special 2-piece titanium body which provides a superior strength to weight ratio and is designed to minimize resonance and reflected energy. Its internal construction is radiused and includes a fixture for rigid mounting of the MC generator. The generator is an extremely efficient electro-mechanical design, using separate coils for each channel for superior channel separation. The coils are wound with Ohno cast (OCC) mono-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper wire. Neodymium magnets are combined with a special soft magnetic alloy yoke consisting of cobalt and iron to produce an output of .4mV at 5cm/sec. Coil impedance is 12Ω allowing the use of many  phono stages and step-up devices.  A solid boron cantilever with a diameter of .26mm is fit with a line contact stylus (40 x 7µm) and the dynamic compliance is 18 x 10-6 cm/dyne for enhanced tracking. The output pins are also PC-OCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Casting). MSRP $2750

AMG Teatro MC Phono Cartridge

The past 3 years VPI has been focusing mainly on new entry level audiophiles and getting them to embrace vinyl for the first time. With the Prime VPI wanted to get back there roots and focus on the existing audience with a table that offers quality hi-end sound while taking advantage of improvements in technology.

Featuring The Prime Turntable and Avenger Turntable

Bringing you the latest from Verity Audio

 Featuring the Latest from Unity Audio Design

For orders, support and pricing contact us at jbwhitlock1@aol.com or

  call 925-425-0450 Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm PST  

Auditions are available by appointment only Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST 
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The VPI Avenger table was originally a project started by Harry over 12 years ago. In the process of the design the project was dropped in mid-production due to excessive demand by HR-X customers. Shortly after the development of the Prime, and while cleaning out the warehouse in preparation for a dealer training event, the forgotten Avenger and its designs were re-discovered and now reality.


Superb Cartridges from Soundsmith


  • Custom Toroidal power transformer with global mains
  • Choke based power supply design
  • 120 Volts AC mains
  • Optional factory installed 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption at rated output 360 Watts
  • Power consumption at idol 348 Watts
  • On/Off switch conveniently located on front panel
  • 3 pin IEC power connector with fuse


  • Transformer floating XLR input
  • Balanced inputs with pin 2 hot, impedance of 12K Ohms
  • Single Ended input, impedance of 100K Ohms
  • XLR ground lift switch on balanced input
  • 1.8 Volts RMS input to reach rated output

Audia Flight was founded by Massimiliano Marzi and Andrea Nardini in 1996 with extensive experience and backgrounds in the professional electronics industry. Located in the Italian town of Civitavecchia, near the Mediterranean and just over 40 miles from Rome, Audia Flight has been building some of the finest amplifiers and audio components to be found anywhere in the world for nearly 20 years. Audia Flight not only incorporates an original approach toward modern amplifier circuit design, but does so with Italian style.

Precision Turntable Motor Controllers and Tachometers From Phoenix Engineering

Zesto Audio is pleased to announce the release of the new 1.2 Andros Phonostage. The New Andros 1.2 adds additional features and even better sound quality with the same classic look. Since its release in 2011, the Andros Phonostage was the first product for Zesto Audio winning numerous awards to include Stereophile’s 2013 “Analog Product of the Year” finalist as well as their Class A Recommended Component. In 2013 the Andros received The Absolute Sound’s “Golden Ear” award and for 3 years in a row received their “Editor’s Choice Awards”. MSRP $4700



The SP-10 Reference speaker cables are well suited with either solid state or tube amplification. The SP-10 uses 7N ultra-pure copper 10 gauge conductors per leg with an internal damping filament placed among the copper strands which assists in the low noise floor of the cable. The SP-10 Reference cable also uses an EMI absorbing material between the conductor insulation and the inner sleeve which addresses EMI contamination. The SP-10 speaker cables are well balanced sound wise, they're liquid, dynamic, organic, and present all of the fine micro-details.


MC-1 Moving Coil $1095


The PC-1 Reference power cord is ideal for any source component, amplifier or power conditioner application. The Reference power cords use 7N pure copper 10 gauge conductors, copper shield for superior noise rejection, EMI absorption and conductor damping filaments, and terminated with Furutech FI-50 Carbon Fiber connectors. The PC-1 Reference power cord delivers exceptionally neutral sound, tight and tuneful low level details with an engaging mid range with clean and extended highs. 

Kuzma Ltd first started production in 1982. Founded by Franc Kuzma, it was born of his interest in music combined with a mechanical engineers education which, together with experience working on acoustic transducers, culminated in an interest in producing high quality playback from records. All Kuzma products share the same, no compromise design philosophy , in order to produce products which are simple to use, reliable and capable of the highest quality of analogue playback. This policy extends to the choice of only the highest quality materials and the high level of craftsmanship.

"The Next Generation Record Wash"

AnalogueWorks is a small team of music lovers based in Northamptonshire, they create usable, musical and beautiful turntables using low torque motors, best engineering practices, common sense, careful listening and a marriage of materials. AnalogueWorks turntables are lovingly hand made and tested ensuring you years of trouble free musical enjoyment..


Featured Products

​After many years of experience and investigation in the Hi-Fi industry Vibex has become more and more aware of the importance of controlling and dissipating the many forms of energy that a high end system has to contend with. Much of this energy is generated by the equipment itself and the loudspeakers. Others forms of energy that negatively affect the equipment are received through free space and have become increasingly common, these include: radio frequency interference and electro-magnetic induction. These forms of energy are generated in a variety of ways​ mobile phones, electrical appliances, electric motors and industry in general. All these forms of energy don’t just affect the quality of sound and vision, causing distorsion, they also affect the equipment, causing the components to work harder. This causes the equipment to become less reliable and reduces its life-span, drastically in many cases.

After more than fifteen years of research in energy control and components that could neutralize the undesirable effects and after having listened to the majority of the power conditioners, re-generators and so on, Vibex came to the conclusion that nearly all these products produced a series of side effects that were totally unacceptable for use in today’s high end systems. With all this information in hand Vibex started a series of listening tests to determine how energy control and electronic components would be able to remedy the situation. It rapidily became clear that the sound and picture quality of a system was far from optimum and could be improved drastically. 

       Active Components:

  • Matched sextet, set of six (6) KT88’s vacuum tubes
  • Two (2) Gold pin ECC82s (12AU7) vacuum tubes
  • High quality gold pin ceramic sockets

The Falcon and Eagle Power Supply Units (PSU) are a microprocessor controlled digital regenerative AC power source used for accurate speed control of a turntable motor. The PSU uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) to create an extremely accurate and clean sine wave that improves motor speed stability and allows the user to precisely adjust the turntable platter rotational speed.

The PSU is extremely easy to use and set up. All of the operating parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and the device always power up with the last used speed and frequency offset displayed. The PSU is powerful enough to start up in either speed selection, so there is no need to start in 33 RPM, then switch to 45 RPM as in other units. Falcon's are recommended for TT motors up to 5 watts and the Eagle is recommended for TT motors up to 15 watts.

The Falcon and Eagle PSU can be connected directly to the RoadRunner digital turntable tachometer via a 3 wire serial cable in order to synchronize its output with the direct measurement of the platter speed. Operation is completely automatic with no user intervention needed. The tachometer outputs the speed reading once per revolution. The PSU compares this reading to the speed on the display and can make micro-fine adjustments to the output frequency to lock the turntable speed to within ±0.005 RPM. The adjustment is done slowly and evenly over the entire next revolution and is inaudible to the listener (in most cases, the adjustment is <0.0005 RPM per step). The turntable remains on speed independent of the belt tension, bearing oil viscosity, drag from the needle or any other variables that cause the table to drift over time.

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Vinyl Wash-PRO is the first cleaning step of our two step record cleaning kit. Vinyl Wash-PRO is a Lab grade Multi-Element Enzyme based / Detergent record cleaning formula, designed to dissolve a wide range of contaminants including bacterial growth, protein based compounds, organic contaminants and release chemicals used in the vinyl pressing process. Vinyl Wash-PRO contains no alcohol, no lubricants and completely safe for all types of LP records including shellacs. Vinyl Wash-PRO should always be followed up with our Vinyl Rinse-PRO water rinse for best results.

Vinyl Rinse-PRO is an extremely pure water rinse used for the final cleaning / rinse step of our two step record cleaning kit. Vinyl Rinse-PRO goes through a Multi-Stepped filtration and de-ionizing process that meets the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) water purity rating. Every batch is then tested to insure the quality meets laboratory standards. Vinyl Rinse-PRO is safe for all types of LP records including shellacs, can be used to clean your applicator brushes or vacuum pick up tubes. Leaves no sonic residual behind. 

     Two Step Record Cleaning Kit   $79.00 ea.

The Eclipse edition is the next evolution of our industry standard Saturn Series of components. Our all-tube Rhea phono stage, Calypso line stage, and Janus full function preamp were introduced in 2002. The Atlas power amps, a hybrid design featuring an octal base tube input with bi-polar output stages, followed in 2007. Our Saturn Series digital source components are the Pandora DAC and Romulus DAC/CD Player, which recently was awarded the International Press 2015 Award. Aesthetix components all share the attributes of outstanding electrical and mechanical engineering with special attention to Power Supply design, making them the ideal platform for pushing the sonic envelope. The Eclipse upgrades consist of the use of new exotic Stealthcap™ capacitors; electrical upgrades including hand-tuned capacitors, super-matched output devices and distributed node technology; advanced mechanical chassis isolation; and sophisticated electrical signal grounding in the power supply. 

Soundsmith is a specialty audio manufacturer located about an hour north of New York City. Founded in 1972, Soundsmith has achieved an enviable reputation in the audiophile world for outstanding sonic quality and extremely high-value products. Perhaps best known now for their work restoring cartridges and for their Strain Gauge and Fixed Coil cartridges, every Soundsmith product is hand-crafted in Soundsmith’s Peekskill, NY factory by a carefully selected team of artisans and engineers. Proudly made in the USA

At the heart of all AnalogueWorks turntables is the over engineered single point bearing. This simple design ensures the smooth and silent running of the platter so that all you hear is the music. The high mass belt-driven platters maintain speed stability, while the solid birch ply plinths provide freedom from vibration and acoustic feedback. All materials and shapes have been chosen to balance or prevent resonance, creating a turntable with an ability to provide a faithful reproduction of your vinyl collection.

The analog stages include Mike Yee’s latest discrete, dual mono RIAA phono circuit design with selectable gain, input loadings, and battery power mode. The unique analog-only mode, where all the digital functions are shut down, provides a pure analog listening experience. When activated, the digital system takes input from the internal analog path, allowing pre or post RIAA equalization or line-level. The signal is digitized using a high-quality analog-to-digital converter with user-selectable sample rates to 192k/24bits and is output via USB to all popular recording software on a personal computer, whether Windows or Mac. SweetVinyl’s on-board software identifies virtually all songs, artists and LPs, and automatically applies the metadata to your favorite recording software – simplifying the time-consuming process of archiving your vinyl recordings. The identified metadata is displayed on the front panel LCD, your favorite mobile device, and the personal computer used for recording. READ MORE.....


       Other Features:

  • Each unit is made by hand
  • 50 hour factory burn in on all circuits and vacuum tubes
  • Dimensions 17″ W X 20″ D X 10 ” H
  • Weight 64 lbs. (29.03 kg)
  • Shipping weight 80 lbs. (36.28 kg)
  • 14 and 16 gauge Zinc plated steel enclosure
  • Two year limited warranty
  • MSRP $19,900 Pair

A/V Solutions

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