Zesto's philosophy is to focus only on the important components and  add nothing that could compromise the signal path. The only active components are  the vacuum tubes that create a warm musical sound.

As a longtime audio engineer and producer, George Counnas, designer and President of Zesto has worked with a lot of professional equipment. He has always preferred “true floating balanced” inputs and outputs because of their foolproof ability to isolate one piece of gear from the next. And that means lower noise for a strong, clean and quiet signal.

The Leto preamp will compliment any system: tube, solid state or digital. It will work with single-ended and balanced input source or power amplifier combinations. READ MORE....

​​Bryston preamps are state of the art analog stereo preamplifier's offeing a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of recorded music. All aspects of the signal flow are enhanced with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher load levels, offering a rich and vibrant audio experience. Bryston Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the consumer and professional audio marketplaces for over 35 years.

Bryston has a major commitment in producing the most accurate and reliable product available by maintaining an extensive research and development division which is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance, value, and reliability of our products. READ MORE....




The Musical Surroundings Phonomena II and Nova II is a complete phonograph preamplifier with RIAA equalization that amplifies the output signal of a phono cartridge, either moving coil or moving magnet, up to a nominal line level. 

​The Phonomena and Nova both employ adjustable load settings along with multiple gains setting making them one of the most flexible phono stages on the market. READ MORE....

The JUMBO SHRIMP shares key outward features found in many of its counterparts both past and present. It is a two channel single ended line level control preamplifier with five sets of stereo inputs, and two sets of paralleled stereo line outputs. A five-position input selector switch routes the chosen signal directly to the first amplifier tube’s control grid. Amplified signals boosted about 4 times then fed through a dedicated white follower stage using 5670 triodes to effortlessly drive the motorized high quality ALPS stereo variable attenuator. This is followed by a similarly appealing, center detented ALPS stereo balance potentional meter. High quality polypropylene dielectric film-and-foil capacitors have been employed at all signal-coupling points in the circuit along with two extravagant 30 microfarad metalized monsters coupling the output stage signals to the output RCA jacks. These are all MultiCaps made by our buddy Bas Lim at Rel Cap.. READ MORE....

The Strumento series of Audia Flight products represents the culmination of eighteen years of expertise, research, and success, ultimately resulting in the world's finest preamplifiers. The Strumento sets a new standard for the no compromise class of consumer audio products. Given Audia's immediate international success with the Strumento No. 1 and No. 4, Strumento products (both current and forthcoming) are destined to set a new standard in performance, build quality, and style.

The STRUMENTO N°1 is an unrivaled preamplifier exhibiting ultra low noise, extraordinary speed and control, and rewarding musical accuracy. To the extent possible. READ MORE....

The Aesthetix Calypso and Callisto Linestages are an all-tube, fully balance design from input to output, including internal balancing of single-ended inputs, results in common mode signal rejection and cleaner sound.

The discrete switched resistor volume control maximizes resolution at any listening level. A separate power supply chassis removes any possibility of transformer noise corrupting the delicate audio circuitry. Peter Moncrief Stealth Capacitors are used in the Eclipse Edition for unparalleled sound quality.

Calypso linestage available in Standard, Signature and Eclipse versions. Callisto linestage available in Signature and Eclipse versions. Your choice of black or silver face. READ MORE....



The Andros PS 1.2 has been engineered to bring you the clarity and depth of the original recording. Your highs will be crisp but not overly emphasized, your midranges clear and present without being shrill and your lows full and firm without being boomy.

As Zesto went through testing, a panel of audiophiles marveled at hearing subtle nuances, discovering new things in recordings they’d played many, many times. They appreciated its clear stereo image with maximum channel separation and minimal phase distortion. READ MORE....

The HP10 is a high performance stereo phono amplifier employing low noise solid-state semiconductor devices for signal amplification and a tube amplifier for output buffer. The HP10 offers exceptional performance in terms of transparency, dynamic and extraordinary imaging capability at its price range. The MC and MM input signals are handled by separate MC and MM phono amplifiers. They are independent amplifiers that have no common parts sharing between them. Therefore, this will ensure shortest signal path and no switch is used at the low level input signal.  READ MORE....


The input stages of the Decade can also be found in top notch mixing consoles and high class microphone preamps of professional studio electronics. The highly accurate, passive RIAA equalization network is placed between two linear gain stages and uses precision MKP capacitors. This results in a very stable soundstage reproduction and pin point localisation of instruments.

The maximum gain of 66 dB is well enough for even very exotic low output MC cartridges. Impedance load adaption is practically infinite as with all Lehmannaudio phono stages: there is a free slot for a custom impedance so that every existing MC cartridge on the market can be loaded properly. Input capacitances are adjustable as well. READ MORE....


The Chinook employs two triode sections of a 6922 for amplifying duties with highly accurate passive RIAA equalization networks. In the Chinook, the signal is then directly coupled to another 6922 dual triode serving as the output driver in a White Follower configuration. This output stage circuit is our favorite because of its super-low output impedance and beefy current-driving capabilities. It can drive long cable lengths and difficult loads. There are two internal settings for optimal gain: 45dB for Moving-Magnet cartridges and 60dB for Moving-Coil cartridges. The back panel contains DIP switches for adjusting the input resistive and capacitance loading values. 31 possible options between 26 and 800 Ohms plus 47k Ohms and 7 capacitive loading choices between 50 pF and 350 pF provide flexibility to match any cartridge.

The Steelhead has two Moving Coil inputs with selectable impedance loading from 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 Ohms plus it has variable and selectable Moving Magnet input impedance options of 25, 50, 100, 200 Ohms and 47 kOhms. Very nifty is the selectable-dial-able-in-able-from-the-faceplate-able capacitive loading for all three of the MM & MC inputs 0 to 1100 picofarads in 10 picofarad steps. Very cool! Equalize baby! TEN picofard steps! Wow! Now you can really dial this in for perfect cartridge matching with ZERO penalty. None of this switching detracts from the sound quality or adds any extra anything to the signal path. The Steelhead uses 2 x 6922 plus 4 x 7044 or 5687 tubes, volume control for a direct connection to any amplifier, multiple inputs for up to 3 tonearms, selectable gain settings of 50, 55, 60 and 65dB plus a host of other features. READ MORE....

Phono Stages

The Bryston BP1.5 Phono Stage is a high quality grade Phono Stage offering both moving magnet and moving coil cartridge step-up capabilities, allowing the BP1.5 to provide superb audio performance for traditional vinyl playback.

​The BP1.5 can be used without an additional power supply (if you currently own a MPS-2 power supply with one of our other products) by daisy chaining the existing product with the BP1.5 READ MORE....

A/V Solutions




​Ron Sutherland’s designs feature true dual-mono circuits and totally isolated power supplies for extremely quiet audio signals. He pioneered the use of batteries to power phono preamplifiers and now Mr. Sutherland has pioneered the use of isolated, dual-mono electrical power supplies in a phono preamplifier. Sutherland products are thoughtfully conceived and constructed, and they reproduce music with a palpability that is rarely matched by any audio component. Sutherland phono stages are regarded as some of the best and most truthful ever available at any price.​ READ MORE....

The Andros Téssera features include true transformer balance outputs driven by dedicated output tubes, a new circuit design that is partnered with significantly upgraded larger MC step-up transformers. The Téssera accommodates two moving magnet and two moving coil cartridges with twelve positions for loading.  All gain, loading and MM/MC controls are selected via the front panel. The Téssera uses a dedicated power supply and comes with a 3 meter umbilical cable incorporating special RFI suppression to provide lower black levels  READ MORE....



The Ortofon Verto and ST-80 SE are  moving coil transformers using quality Lundahl transformers, surrounded by a specialized mu-metal shielding, listeners can be assured that each detail in a complex array of notes is reproduced with utter purity, with freedom from internal and external sources of interference. The Verto also Features a dual mono design and provides discrete circuitry for each channel, resulting in the elimination of crosstalk and possible distortions.  This results in cleaner, clearer reproduction with substantially increased stereo imaging.  Regardless of the composition being played, the Verto’s expansive stereo separation provides lifelike realism, and accurate tonal balance devoid of coloration. To further minimize signal degradation and maximize signal flow, the Verto has been engineered using high quality industrial grade PCB. Additionally, gold plated RCA jacks with Teflon insulation provide optimal conductivity for use with high quality interconnects.  Internally, the unit is assembled with an absolute bare minimum of internal wiring, preserving absolute signal integrity. READ MORE....

Triode Corporation of Japan or Tri for short was founded by Mr. Junichi Yamazaki in 1996. Being a music lover and audio hobbyist, Yamazaki san changed track from railway engineer to full-time audio designer with his inaugural VP-300BD. That paralleled single-ended integrated amp garnered prestigious awards from Japanese audio circles one short year later. Success bred success and model after model. Yamazaki san gradually established himself as one of the leading tube amp and preamplifier gurus in the land of the rising sun. Triode from Japan offers excellent sounding gear at affordable pricing. READ MORE....

The Andros Allasso is Unlike most step up transformers (SUT) which are customized to a specific phono cartridge with few adjustments, Zesto Audio's Allasso has 40 adjustments in Mono and 40 adjustments for your stereo MC cartridge.

Zesto Audio is a company known for their award winning musical Phonostages. The Allasso is a product cloned from the same gene pool with all the very best characteristics, components and knowledge that went into those products. The biggest problem with phonostages is there are never enough inputs, so the Allasso was created. 


The HP20 is a high performance phono stage for MM and MC phono cartridges and offers exceptional performance in terms of transparency, dynamics and extraordinary imaging. Ultra low noise semi conductor devices and audio grade electronic components are extensively used in HP20. Two discrete ultra low noise precision DC regulated power supplies are used for main dual power supplies. Additionally, four ultra low noise power supplies are used locally near to the amplifying circuits.  READ MORE....


If you cherish your vinyl and want to hear the most from it, the R32 MM-MC amplifier provides the ideal interface between the low-level output of a cartridge and the line-level inputs of your hi-fi system. Having a standard component width rather than the ‘midi’ size of its R20 predecessor, the R32 is easier to install and matches other Primare components for a uniform system look. Its larger chassis also benefits circuit layout, allowing newly upgraded and highly sensitive signal components to be better isolated from an improved power supply, resulting in cleaner sound and greater fidelity. READ MORE....

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The PRE32 is an upgradable audiophile pre-amplifier designed to match the Primare A34.2 and all Primare power amplifiers. It features the comprehensive OLED display and control parameters established by the EISA award-winning I32 integrated amplifier. The PRE32 is housed in a heavy gauge alloy steel chassis, and incorporates two pairs (L/R) of low-noise balanced XLR inputs and 4 pairs of RCA inputs. In addition there are two pairs of RCA outputs and a single pair of balanced XLR outputs, as well as a record output, RS232, trigger, IR and RF inputs. The option of a MM30 upgrade board offering MEDIA streaming connections USB, iPod, LAN etc. READ MORE....

​The Absolute Phono uses the Absolute Phono's innovative circuit design including the current amplification first gain stage. However in the Inside, this is incorporated within the phonostage's main body. Through careful fine tuning, Clearaudio have been able to deliver many of the improvements bought about by the Absolute Phono in a more conventional phonostage configuration. Both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs are provided for connection to any tonearm on the market. These feed the fully balanced current amplification first gain stage, avoiding any need to set cartridge loading and thereby ensuring a perfect synergistic match with any moving coil cartridge. This amplified signal then passes to the specially designed main RIAA phonostage, along a signal path free of the usual relays and coupling capacitors, which again enables a more clean, pure and accurate sound. The signal is then equalized and fed to the balanced XLR outputs. The result? The signal to noise ratio is significantly enhanced, almost matching the headshell-mounted Absolute Phono's ten decibel improvement. READ MORE....



Audia Flight highly acclaimed dual input phono preamp has set the standard for solid state phono preamplifier performance since it’s introduction in 2008. Now in it’s most refined iteration, the FL Phono is distinguished by it’s separate power supply (styled to compliment the stylish chassis), dedicated input MM and or two MC inputs, high gain capability (74dB - maximum selection), and low noise. The FL Phono’s substantial chassis also shields all sections of the preamp and fully eliminates vibrations and resonance from the transformers. READ MORE....

           Gain, Ratio and MC Loading Chart

Gain              12db             16db             18db             22db

Ratio               1:4                1:6                1:8               1:12

Position        ohms            ohms            ohms           ohms

      1                175                 77                  45                20

      2                260                115                 65                30

      3                360                160                 90                40

      4                500                220                130               60

      5                670                300                175               80

      6                870                390                230              100

      7               1100               490                300              130

      8               1485               660                400              180

      9               1900               840                530              240

     10              2375              1055               690              300


Io is an all-tube phono stage suitable for the most demanding cartridges including low-output moving coils. A proprietary differential circuitry design achieves high gain with extremely low noise. A separate power supply chassis removes transformer noise corrupting delicate audio circuitry. Peter Moncrief Stealth Capacitors are used in the Eclipse Edition for unparalleled sound quality.

Rhea is an all-tube phono stage for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. It offers high maximum gain at 75 dB, making it ideal for low output cartridges. Rhea broke new ground as the first phono stage with 3 phono inputs, the first with gain and loading settings stored in memory for every input, and the first with full remote control adjustability. A cartridge demagnetizer is a built-in convenience that can also be operated by remote control. READ MORE.... 

Slipsik is a hand-built dual mono design with individually measured and selected components. It was first released in October 2006 and has been gradually improved ever since.

In January 2016, Slipsik 6 was released. In this latest version, sensitive signals are buried inside the circuit board, between multiple narrowly spaced layers of copper. The power cord inside Slipsik 6 is also screened with a copper net and a shrink tube. This improves performance by preventing both mains hum and radio frequencies from reaching the circuits where the music travels.  READ MORE....



The MC series moving coil step-up transformers are used to amplify the low level output signal from a moving coil cartridge bringing it to the appropriate level to drive a moving magnet phono preamp.

The MC series transformers are large size single C-core double coil transformers using a proprietary amorphous core material. Special winding techniques were developed in order to minimize inter-winding capacitances and maintain wide frequency response. They are optimized sonically to be as invisible as possible.

The transformers are shielded with mu-metal and are potted in 10mm thick soft iron nickel coated enclosures providing immunity to outside magnetic fields and a quiet and noise free performance.

MC5 may be used with cartridges from 0,8-1,2mv
MC10 may be used with cartridges from 0.4-0.6mv
MC16 may be used with cartridges from 0.3-0.4mv
MC20 may be used with cartridges from 0.2-0.3mv

The MC transformers were developed in conjunction with the VPS100 phono preamp but can be used with any MM phono stage.  READ MORE....